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FINALLY- A book that demystifies aging and delves into the heart and soul of Senior Women living the Good Life! This book is a labor of love between two sisters, Jessica, age 62 living on the East Coast near Boston, and Marilou,70 located in Southern California.  Together, they interviewed women 60 years old and over including two 100-year old women who share their hopes and dreams for the future and what makes them happy, motivated and relevant as they kick up their heels in response to the side effects of aging.  These remarkable women disclose their secrets for managing money, making friends, staying physically and cognitively active and gave personal proof for how they Navigate Each Decade with Optimism and Grace.  The are women the New Ambassadors of Aging; vibrant, positive and determined to live a good life without boundaries.          



  • Love this book, just love it!  The sensitivity each woman shared about their own aging process was heartfelt and makes my journey a little bit easier and real! (Judy Munoz)

  • I’m 88 and really appreciated seeing how other people spend their own 24-hour day.  I was beginning to think I was losing my momentum but glad to see my day is a lot like others my age.  Also I have started using at least 5 inspiring and creative 'Tips' for making my life a bit safer and more positive. Well done!  (Joan Meiser)

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