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SHOW YOUR WORTH, GIRL is an engaging 6 x 6-inch INSTAGRAPHIC for teen girls ages 11-18. Dive in, pick a few pages at random or read the pages backward. Whatever your method for reading this book you will gain the same nuggets of inspiration, tips, hints, and truths that cover a wide range of themes; from gaining more self-confidence, surviving anxiety and high school to self-advocating for what you're truly worth.

Perfectly sized to tuck in your purse or backpack and read when your phone is on low power. Enjoy an on-the-go guide of fun and inspiration. SHOW YOUR WORTH, GIRL makes an ideal companion as you start or end your day―or whenever you or a Bf need an uplifting pick-me-up. Lively, entertaining, and often humorous graphics inspire all girls to find their voice, be empowered, and be fearless.


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