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The #MeToo Movement has galvanized women across the globe to find their own voice in an attempt to gain a seat at the table with male equals.  Women regularly face challenges in the workplace and throughout their personal lives- from competing with men for top jobs and equal pay to navigating unique and changing cultural norms pertaining to marriage, dating, and childbirth.


Don’t Forget Your Lipstick, Girl, delivers personal stories from strong women coupled with research-proven POWER TIPS to help unveil your confidence and claim your power.  This book will change your mindset.


 Don’t Forget Your Lipstick, Girl will change your life.  Easy to read, simple POWER TIPS such as No Guts, No Story will encourage you to upset the apple cart to get the raise you want. I Just Ate a Hotdog will motivate you to become a thought leader on social media.  And finally, after reading inspiring conversations from confident women, you will walk away with new motivation and strategy to become the strong and powerful woman you are destined to be and get the life you truly deserve.  “Yes, it’s a Man’s world,” said Anna.  “Get over it!”  Grab your lipstick and let's get going!


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