April 2020

Learn to unveil your own personal power to achieve confidence and courage. Women regularly face challenges in the workplace and throughout their personal lives- from competing with men for top jobs and equal pay to navigating unique and continual changing cultural norms pertaining to marriage, dating, and childbirth.  Don’t Forget Your Lipstick, Girl reveals potent strategies to harness your inner strength.  This book delves into the heart and soul of women who share their secrets on how they exhibit confidence, obtain courage and radiate power. From facing unfair situations in the workplace such as being ignored in conversations to losing out on job promotions, women continue to ask themselves, “How can I break through these barriers and get what I want out of my career and in life?”   Be stronger and better than ever by moving forward, jumping in and taking charge of managing your own life.  Grab Your Lipstick and Get Started!