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Time's a Wasting

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Punctuality is rated #1 by CEOs across America for hiring and promotions. Think of all the benefits arriving on time can do for your image. People have a huge respect for punctuality as it communicates that you’re on top of things, organized, and can be trusted.

Taking punctuality a step further signals to people that you value them and ultimately value yourself. Elizabeth noted a story about a woman whose only mission was to become the next CEO of the company. “She had everything going for her except one thing; she was always late; late for work, late to meetings, even late for acknowledging birthdays. Despite all her good qualities and performance on the job many believe she was continually overlooked for advanced positions in the company due to her disregard for punctuality.”

Erin, a stay-at-home mom shared a similar story about a woman in her book club. “There’s eight of us in the book club and one member is always late. Not just a little late but late, late. You’d think we shouldn’t care about this after all this club is supposed to be fun and it’s voluntary. But this woman has built up such animosity in the group that when she’s not on time we take bets on when she’ll arrive. I have to admit, she makes me mad too.”

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