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LIGHTHEARTED BUT HEARTFELT!  What a great book! Lots of interesting information about the aging female generation!! Loved it! [Amazon Customer] 


A GREAT GIFT IDEA!  One of the best books I’ve ever read about mature women! I would highly recommend this book to all women! Young and old! So welcoming to finally know I am aging just like all our sisters out there! The contributors in this book were all so honest and genuine about their lifestyles! This book made me feel so much better about myself knowing I’m living the “new mature normal”! Thank you to the authors for reaching out to women like me! This book will be around for a long time and is a must read for everyone! Great Gift Too!!! [Allison K]

LOVED THE SWEATER BOOK!  Fun reading and I was able to envision what life will look like when I retire. The authors grabbed my attention with the stories. Personal stories take me on a mental journey. The authors asked open ended questions including conflict. The specific details helped me understand the person. Finally, the book concluded with take-aways. I loved the day to day activities of women who are retired. As women we spend our lives giving to others. How do we fill our own buckets when given the time? Dr. Ryder and Jessica Thompson book highlights stories of women who have fulfilling lives post retirement and share their stories that will help all of us as we embark on the retirement journey! Highly recommend!!  [Tricia Kassab]

A GREAT READ!   My sister and I decided to read this book at the same time and share our reactions with each other. We both laughed so many times as we recognized ourselves in the stories. The women are brilliantly real as they share their stories, insights and advice about healthy aging. At 57, it made me realize that I still have so much to look forward to in my 60s and beyond. A great read, and if you have a sister or bestie, buy two and read it together!  [Rebecca Summers]

PACKED WITH HUMOR  Love this book! It is packed with humor, real life stories and very uplifting tips about aging with grace, humor and style. What a great read for all women of all ages. Once I started reading it, I simply could not put it down. This will be one that I will pass on to all my friends.  [Julie Hadden]


I FEEL CONNECTED  I'm 89 years old and turning 90 soon.  I have been privileged to be part of this project with the authors for the past two years.  When I received my first copy of the final draft before publication I was really excited to hear what all the women interviewed had to say about aging.  One thing I really enjoyed seeing were the Day in the Life Calendars of other senior women.  Just knowing my day is a lot like other women is comforting.  After reading this book I felt rather connected to other senior women trying to live the good life for as long as possible.  Well done! [Joan Meister]

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