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-Sister to Sister Secrets for Aging with Purpose and Humor-
(Delmar Publishing) ISBN: 978-0-9904103-3-1


HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA (May 5, 2019) – MEET THE NEW AMBASSADORS OF AGING!  Did you know that over 6,000 female baby boomers turn 65 every single day?  And with those numbers come health challenges, loneliness, boredom and a high potential for becoming depressed.  As a senior woman, do you scroll through Facebook and feel like everyone is celebrating life but you?  DON’T FORGET YOUR SWEATER, GIRL delves into the heart and soul of open and honest women who share their secrets for staying connected and living life to the max! These senior women are the New Ambassadors of Aging; vibrant, positive and determined to live a good life without boundaries. 

DON’T FORGET YOUR SWEATER, GIRL is a labor of love between two sisters; Jessica, age 62 living on the East Coast, and Marilou, 70 on the West Coast.  Together, they interviewed women from all walks of life ages 60 and over (including two centenarians) who talk about their hopes and dreams for the future, what makes them happy, motivated and relevant as they kick up their heels in response to the side effects of aging.  These women share their secrets for managing money, making friends, staying physically and cognitively active and offer personal tips for how to Navigate Each Decade with Optimism and Grace. 


  • A dozen UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL Interviews.

  • A collection of WISE WOMEN TIPS (Is There a Woman Doctor in the House?).

  • Intriguing DAY IN THE LIFE Calendars showcasing women’s daily routines.

  • Lively WOMENTOONS that encourage women to take a lighthearted approach to this new journey in life. 

Dr. Marilou Ryder is a retired school superintendent and current professor of doctoral studies at Brandman University.  She is a speaker and authority on gender and Women in Leadership and the author of The SeXX Factor, 92 Tips from the Trenches and Rules of the Game, an Amazon Best Seller. 


Jessica Thompson is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology and has worked as a creative designer.  Her true passion includes coaching young women in field hockey and lacrosse. Jessica lives in Naples, Florida and is an active advocate for women’s issues related to aging.

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