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Marilou and Jessica

Dr. Marilou Ryder is an interactive female motivational speaker, business strategy coach, and best-selling author of DON'T FORGET YOUR LIPSTICK, GIRL and SUPER POWER TIPS. She is passionate about helping women and girls live more fulfilling lives through gaining self-confidence, improving communication, and BEING YOUR BEST SELF ON A GOOD DAY!  Jessica Thompson is an advocate for females and is an excellent speaker for your clubs, podcasts, and charity events. Together, Marilou and Jessica deliver high-powered and entertaining presentations on aging, women's personal power, and workshops for teen girls on developing advocacy and self-esteem.

be your best self on a good day

Developing Personal and Professional Power Tactics

You’ve worked hard to get where you are in your career. But what if someone tried to sabotage everything you’re working toward? And the real shocker? What if it was you? We can all be our own worst enemy when it comes to moving forward in our careers. Recent research suggests that it’s not unusual for women to engage in behaviors that prevent them from maximizing their personal power at work and in their personal environments.  Join me for a career-changing workshop that will explore the phenomenon of self-sabotage and outline its dynamics and provide solutions to recognize it and get you moving forward. Learn how to stop holding yourself back so you can grow your career and move your organization forward.

Professional Woman
Smiling Businesswoman

the Wow Factor for Women

The Make it or Break it Factor for Moving Ahead in Your
Career ~ 
You’re smart! You’re educated!  Your resume is packed with stunning accomplishments.  Then why aren’t you getting ahead in your career? Chances are you may need to hone in on personal traits to enhance your confidence and power in the workplace. In an increasingly diverse workplace where looks and degrees are no longer “everything”  what does it take to create a commanding presence in the workplace?  The right clothes, a firm handshake, an impressive degree? These all matter but they don’t tell the whole story.  This workshop will share research-based tools to help you live the life you truly deserve. The need to be liked, to please everyone, and serve others, and to make peace has been drilled into us since birth. 



Among Fortune 500 companies, women make up about 15 percent of female executive officers and the percentage of women in Congress has been stuck at around 20 percent for almost a decade.  Despite the progress that has been made to promote gender equality in the workplace, women continue to face glass ceilings, glass cliffs, glass escalators and glass walls preventing them access to top positions of leadership. Dr. Marilou Ryder will share research dedicated to navigating gender differences between men and women.  This engaging and entertaining workshop will focus on practical strategies women can immediately use to address gender differences and ultimately increase their viability at work and home.

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Boost your promotion quotient

Do you continue to apply for jobs and not receive interviews?  Does your resume stand out in the crowd?  Are you tired of being complimented for coming in second?   Are you prepared to answer the wide range of questions asked in an interview?  This engaging workshop will address these questions and more! Dr. Marilou Ryder will share Insider Tips and Trade Secrets to enable you to level the playing field and maximize your potential as you move up the educational leadership career ladder. 


Learn how to navigate the job-seeking process with increased effectiveness within the context of four major areas:

Planning: Developing the Game Plan

Packaging: The Art of Self-Promotion

Preparing:  Practice Makes Perfect

Persevering: Crossing the Finish Line

smart interview habits

Do you want to move ahead in your career but fear the job interview?  Are you tired of being complimented for coming in second?   Are you prepared to answer the wide range of questions asked in an interview?  This engaging workshop will address these questions and more! Dr. Marilou Ryder, author of Rules of the Game (Delmar Publishing) will share insider tips and smart strategies to enable you to excel during your next job interview.  Learn how to craft powerful interview scrimmage notes and gain smart habits in preparation for the high-stakes interview process.  Gain confidence as you prepare in advance for an important career advancement opportunity.

Business Interview
Smiling Professional Female

perfecting your brand~ Just Do it!

Whether you are trying to ace a job interview or pitch a new program for your school district it is critical to have a positive brand.  Professional branding communicates the essence of who you are in the workplace and reflects your professional reputation.  In the digital age, professional branding has never been more important. Dr. Marilou Ryder, author of Rules of the Game (Delmar Publishing) will help you identify your brand, provide you with highly effective branding strategies, and discuss common pitfalls to avoid in your pursuit of a sustainable brand.

Ageless Ambition

Ageless Ambition is a dynamic and empowering presentation designed specifically for women aged 50 and above, celebrating the resilience, wisdom, and untapped potential that comes with this stage of life. This session aims to inspire and motivate women to embrace their ageless ambition, encouraging them to pursue new goals, passions, and opportunities. Through a combination of inspiring stories, practical tips, and engaging discussions, participants will explore ways to redefine success, embrace personal growth, and navigate the unique challenges and opportunities that come with age. Join us on a journey of self-discovery, connection, and the realization that the best is yet to come. Age is just a number, but ambition is timeless!

Smiling Student

timeless confidence

Timeless Confidence is an uplifting presentation tailored for girls, focusing on the crucial journey of building self-esteem and confidence. This engaging session is crafted to inspire young minds to embrace their individuality, fostering a sense of self-worth and empowerment. Through captivating stories, interactive discussions, and practical insights, girls will discover the beauty of their uniqueness and learn strategies to navigate challenges with resilience. This presentation seeks to create a supportive environment where young girls can unlock their potential, cultivate a positive self-image, and embark on a journey of self-discovery with the understanding that their confidence knows no bounds. Join us for an empowering experience that lays the foundation for a future of limitless possibilities!

Little Stars Shine Bright~ A Confidence-Building Workshop for Young Girls

 "Little Stars Shine Bright" is a heartwarming and interactive workshop specially crafted to instill confidence in young girls aged 6-10. This delightful session is thoughtfully designed to empower these little stars, encouraging them to celebrate their uniqueness, nurture self-assurance, and lay the groundwork for future successes. Through engaging activities, creative expression, and positive reinforcement, our workshop aims to create a joyful and supportive environment where each girl can shine brightly as she embarks on her journey of self-discovery and confidence-building. Join us for an enchanting experience that fosters resilience, creativity, and a strong sense of individuality in these budding young stars.

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Know YOur worth

Know Your Worth ~ A Teen's Guide to Self-Advocacy" is a dynamic presentation tailored for teenage girls seeking to harness the power of self-advocacy. In this empowering session, participants will explore the importance of speaking up for themselves, setting boundaries, and advocating for their needs and aspirations. Through engaging discussions, real-life scenarios, and practical strategies, teens will develop the skills to navigate challenges, build resilience, and confidently assert their voices in various aspects of their lives. Join us for an inspiring journey towards self-empowerment, where every teen girl can learn to advocate for her dreams and aspirations with strength, confidence, and authenticity.

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