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Two Sisters ~ Ten Books 

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Arriving August 2024

In this compelling collection, fourteen remarkable women leaders share their empowering stories of resilience and triumph. Bold Brilliance" isn't just a book—it's a testament to the unwavering spirit of women and a beacon of empowerment for women who dare to dream beyond conventional boundaries. Dive into fourteen captivating narratives of resilience, empowerment, and unyielding determination with "Bold Brilliance. In this deep-seated exploration, you will embark on an intimate journey through the unconventional paths carved by remarkable women. Discover their triumphs, their setbacks, and the raw honesty of their experiences. From towering achievements to poignant disappointments, these stories offer a profound reflection on the complexities of life and the pursuit of meaning. As you delve into the depths of their journeys, you'll unearth not only inspiration but also profound insights to ignite your own intellectual path.

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Mark Your Calendar:  December 2024

Introducing PROMOTION POWER: Five Disruptive Career Tactics for Modern Women." In this upcoming book, we tackle the pervasive challenges hindering women's career advancement, from the glass ceiling to self-sabotage. Drawing from extensive research, we unveil the transformative power of disruption theory, offering unconventional strategies to propel women into leadership roles. Through five game-changing career skills, we empower women to redefine success and break through outdated norms. If you're ready to claim your spot at the table, this book is your roadmap to success. Let's silence self-doubt, embrace our strengths, and step into leadership potential together. Join us on this empowering journey to break barriers and soar!

Sister to sister

Marilou and Jessica share a passion for empowering women and girls. United by a common vision, they channel their energies into writing books and delivering powerful speeches that champion the cause of women's and girls' empowerment. With an unwavering commitment to fostering self-confidence, the sisters strive to equip females of all ages with the tools they need to advocate for themselves in a world that sometimes underestimates their capabilities. Through their collaborative efforts, they inspire others to embrace their unique strengths and voices. Their harmonious partnership not only exemplifies the strength of sisterly bonds but also serves as a beacon of empowerment, lighting the way for women and girls to navigate life with resilience and confidence.

Women are not alone

Empowering Women and Girls One Page at a Time

New for little girls


New for Little Girls

Introducing COLOR ME CONFIDENT (Ages 3-6)  and CONFIDENT ME! (Ages 5-12)  ~ Two activity books that serve as passports to Empowering Young Girls.  In an ever-evolving world, we must equip our young ones with the tools and mindset to conquer challenges, build unshakable self-esteem, and emerge as empowered, confident little girls. 


Little girls with big dreams become confident women who change the world!

Two books for little girls on gaining confidence

What if you could change a few things in your life to become more empowered?

 Don't let self-sabotage hold you back any longer. Take charge of your life and rewrite your story. Embrace success, cultivate self-love, and thrive like never before. The time for transformation is now. Get your copy today and embark on a journey to a brighter, more empowered you!

a book on defeating self-sabotage for women

The Confident Teen Girl


Being a teen girl is just plain confusing. Everyone tells you to be yourself but then they want you to be like Ariana Grande (Alica).

As a teen girl, do you often compare yourself to others on social media and think you're not good enough? Do you wish you had more courage to speak up and be heard? SHOW YOUR WORTH, GIRL can't change the world, but it will make you think twice about yourself and your future.

motivating book for teen girls on confidence building

igniting confidence ~ inspiring change

We develop inspirations and power tactics to serve as powerful catalysts to illuminate the path to self-discovery, instill confidence, and empower women and girl to navigate life's journey with strength and grace.

Don't let yesterday ruin your today
get motivated and do something

Ageless Ambition

Did you know that over 6,000 female baby boomers turn 65 every single day?  And with those numbers come health challenges, loneliness, boredom and a high potential for becoming depressed.  As a senior woman, do you scroll through Facebook and feel like everyone is celebrating life but you?  DON’T FORGET YOUR SWEATER, GIRL, and the small but mighty LOVE YOUR AGE, GIRL delve into the heart and soul of open and honest women who share their secrets for staying connected and living life to the max! These senior women are the New Ambassadors of Aging; vibrant, positive and determined to live a good life without boundaries. 

two books for older females

Life can get too busy to read a full-length book so we made these small Instagraphics 
just for you. 

Dive in, pick a few pages at random, or read the pages backward. Whatever your method for reading this book you'll gain the same nuggets of inspiration, tips, hints, and truths that cover a wide range of themes; from investing in your own confidence to claiming your right to what you're truly worth as a woman.

an inspirational books for women
Women should  know their worth

Empowered Women

WHAT IF YOU COULD BE MORE CONFIDENT AND EMPOWERED BY IMPLEMENTING A FEW POWER TACTICS?  Are you tired of watching men get better jobs, receive more promotions, or pay increases? Learn how to radiate confidence and courage in your daily life to get the power and influence you deserve as a woman.

two books for women on gaining power
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