Dr. Marilou Ryder is a Professor of doctoral studies at UMASS Global.  She is a recognized authority and engaging speaker on the gender divide and women in leadership.  Dr. Ryder is also the author of eight books-The SeXX Factor, Rules of the Game, an Amazon Best-Seller. and the Sister to Sister Series.

Age -70

Childhood Ambition - To become a veterinarian

Best Health Tip - Omega Fish Oil

Inspiration - Powerful women

Best Money Saver - Happy Hours

Personal Quote - Be audacious

Defining Moment - Becoming a superintendent

Biggest Challenge - Becoming a superintendent

Favorite Song - Sounds of Silence

Greatest Success - Raising my son to become
a good person

Best Make-up Tip - Use Retin-A daily

What I learned from writing this book

Pick up my feet when walking and live the good life
while I still can!


Jessica Thompson, a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology has worked as a creative designer for the past twenty years.  Her true passion includes coaching young women in the sports of field hockey and Lacrosse.  Jessica, a teen advocate and mentor has since crossed over to the other side as a certified USFHA field hockey umpire.

Age- 61

Childhood Ambition - To become a Fashion Designer

Best Health Tip - Aquaphor

Inspiration - My daughters

Best Money Saver - Carrying my own golf bag

Personal Quote - You got this!

Defining Moment-  Having our first child graduate from college

Biggest Challenge - Running my first 5K at 55

Favorite Song - Landslide

Greatest Success - Seeing my daughters on their own

Best Make-up Tip - Volumize L’Oréal Mascara

What I learned from writing this book

Exercise my mind just as much as my body to keep strong and healthy and in the moment!