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KNOW YOUR WORTH, GIRL is easy reading with stirring meaning. This small but potent book serves as a reminder that ALL women have value and should cherish themselves. This book will make a wonderful gift to all the beautiful women in your life. Keep one handy for yourself also to read inspiring messages that will lift your spirit and remind us all of our inner amazingness! Dr. Kelly Davids
Know Your Worth, Girl
SHOW YOUR WORTH GIRL IS a must read for teenage girls! The book is filled with invaluable tips, inspirations, pop quizzes and challenges for young ladies to consider as they fill their buckets with positivity! Rather than find internal and external faults, focus on self-worth! Fantastic gift to give loved ones during their growth years
Dr. Tricia Kassab
Show Your Worth Girl
LOVE YOUR AGE GIRL was such Wa FUN book! I loved reading this as I found it so uplifting in our turbulent times of today. This was inspirational and made me want to go out and kick up my heels (wearing a mask of course). Great read. I highly recommend to all women
Julie Hadden
Love Your Age Girl

LA Times Review

Dr. Marilou Ryder author Sister to Sister Secrets

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Kara Young,  CA

LOVED THE LIPSTICK BOOK!  I really enjoyed reading this book. This book is written for women, by women in a way that really speaks to us. Many women share their secrets for confidence, courage, and power, and you get a front row seat. Not only do you hear about success, but you hear about pitfalls and what to avoid as well as power tips to take with you. This is a must read for women of all ages. Whether you are starting out in your career or looking for some confidence in your personal life. We can all use a little sister to sister advice written in a fun and engaging way. So grab a glass of wine and read on! 

Amy Bessler, CA

FUN READ THAT PACKS A POWERFUL PUNCH  As a professional woman, wife, mom, and friend, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book! The stories are inspirational and the advice is so REAL — it feels like the conversation that would occur among girlfriends at a fabulous brunch. It’s a fun, quick read that packs some powerful takeaways. Excellent gift for any smart, talented woman you love! [Amy Bessler]
Don't Forget Your Lipstick Girl

Saran Strodel, NY

A GREAT READ!   Many books dealing with such a heavy subject as gaining confidence, courage and power for women tend to be quite serious and frankly, boring to read. This book is lighthearted and at times really funny. All women (especially our young women) can gain bits of knowledge for their personal and professional lives with this book. From taking a compliment with grace to dressing with style to limiting the use of F-bombs at work….all of the tips will work well for any woman. Easy to read, upbeat and worth the investment. [Sarah Strodel]
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