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Don't Leave Home Without It

Do you wear something special that gives you courage and power? Is there a favorite perfume, necklace or pair of heels that make you feel confident? Many women share they often use symbolic artifacts to help gain self-confidence and courage.

Sandra, a corporate executive, acknowledged that she always wears Oscar de La Renta. “I started wearing Oscar when I was thirty years old, new in my career. People complimented me on the fragrance, and I still wear it today. I believe this perfume gives me a bold sense of confidence and courage. Silly, huh? Maybe, but it works for me.”

Power is elusive and no one person or magic wand can bestow power on you. Personal power comes from within and only you can generate your own power. Sometimes, however, a certain piece of clothing or make-up style can give a woman that “kick-ass” feeling.

Finley, a successful business owner, shared that wearing red lipstick has become her unique signature. “Let’s face it, the world is getting very diverse and it’s more difficult to make a personal statement. I want to look different and stand out so red lipstick has become my trademark. With my red lipstick, I feel like I can take on anything that comes my way. I never go out in public without it.”

While red lipstick boasts a compelling story as a symbol of strength and power, some women report that they don’t wear lipstick. Rather, a signature perfume, spiked heels, designer jeans, red nail polish, Louis Vuitton bag, favorite watch, or Fitbit often serve as confident boosters.

The psychology behind these objects of affection for building inner confidence is deep and women are keenly aware of their intrinsic influence on their personal power. Whatever the motivation or item, the message is clear - wear what makes you happy, resilient, confident, courageous, unabashed and powerful. And don’t leave home without it!!!


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