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No Guts, No Story

Updated: Jun 7

Many modern women grapple with a pervasive fear of rejection early in their careers, a barrier that often deters them from pursuing opportunities outside their comfort zone. This deeply ingrained fear can hold them back from applying for jobs or stepping into leadership roles they are more than capable of handling. While women may hesitate unless they meet 100% of the qualifications, their male counterparts are often willing to take the leap with just 50%.

Seo-jun, an account executive, reflects on a missed opportunity where she was exceptionally qualified but faltered during the interview. "Losing out on that job hit hard. It made me question whether I should put myself out there again. It took me a month to gather my courage, but now I'm back, determined to seize opportunities."

The fear of rejection also manifests when it comes to negotiating equal pay. Studies show that women ask for raises as frequently as men, yet they are less likely to receive them. Ericka, a legal assistant, recalls her reluctance to ask for a raise early in her career, fearing it might strain her relationship with her boss. "I was afraid of rocking the boat. Everything seemed smooth sailing, and I didn't want to jeopardize it. But now, I realize the importance of advocating for myself. I've learned that one reason for the gender pay gap, which I think is 83 cents to the dollar, is that women haven't been vocal about their worth. I've since mustered the courage to ask for what I deserve, and I'm inspired by younger women who are unapologetically demanding fair compensation."


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