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No Guts, No Story

Updated: May 31, 2021

Many women share that they suffer from a fear of rejection early in their careers often choosing not to go after something outside of their comfort zone. This fear is known to keep women from applying for jobs or positions of leadership that they could easily obtain. Many women feel that unless they are 100% qualified for a position they won’t apply for a job while men with only 50% of the qualifications take a chance.

Seo-jun, an account executive said she lost out on a super job opportunity in which she was very qualified and then botched the interview. “This loss was devastating, and I was beginning to think twice about placing myself back in the firing line. It took me a month to come to my senses and now I’m back in the saddle, putting myself out there.”

Fear of being rejected also prevents women from asking for and receiving equal pay raises. Interestingly, the research on pay raises reveals that women ask for pay raises just as often as men however they are less likely to be successful than their male counterparts.

Ericka, acknowledged in her early years as a legal assistant that she was afraid to ask for a raise because she was concerned about upsetting her relationship with her boss. “I didn’t want to upset the apple cart. Everything was going well; people were talking about promoting me and I didn’t want my boss to think I wasn’t grateful for my job. In retrospect, I feel so stupid now that I know the younger women out there are getting the guts to be paid what they deserve. I read yesterday on the internet that one reason women are paid less than men, I think it’s 83 cents to the dollar, is that for years women haven’t asked for raises, or if they do, they were unaware that the men were getting more. I have since asked for many raises in my life with success. Too little too late? I don’t think so. I am really proud of these younger women who are standing up for themselves!”


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