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Married couples now more than ever share childrearing and household chores in the modern world. The bad news, however, is that women far exceed the number of hours devoted to these tasks. But recent studies suggest that men are more than willing to do their fair share in these relationships.

Much has been written and debated over this issue and some couples have even ended relationships over the amount of work being shared. Sheryl Sandberg, author of “Lean In” nails it with the following assertion: “Women must be more empowered at work, men must be more empowered at home. I have seen so many women inadvertently discourage their husbands from doing their share by being too controlling or critical."

Social scientists call this "maternal gatekeeping" which is a fancy term for "Ohmigod, that's not the way you do it! Just move aside and let me!"...Anyone who wants her mate to be a true partner must treat him or her as an equal--an equally capable partner. And if that's not reason enough, bear in mind that a study found that wives who engage in gatekeeping behaviors do five more hours of family work per week than wives who take a more collaborative approach.” [i]

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