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Safety in Numbers

Who wore it better, who’s prettier, smarter richer, slimmer? Women have been competing against women since birth. These built-in stereotypes can be difficult to overcome.

An alarming study conducted by the Bullying Institute found that 58 percent of workplace bullies are women, and they bully other women 90% of the time. These women are often called ‘Queen Bees’, women who have a dominant position in a particular group and treat colleagues in a demoralizing manner.

Women who feel threatened by the success of other women often engage in indirect aggression toward other women who irritate them rather than addressing them directly. Regrettably, the most common reason women undermine other women is that they are jealous and lack confidence in their own abilities and self-esteem.

Queen Bees often feel they have worked hard to get where they are and that other women should work just as hard, thus the cold shoulder. Competition among women in the workplace is greater today. Women know they have many challenges to overcome if they are to gain equity with their male counterparts, especially in top positions of leadership and authority.

However, we all know women need to mentor and support other women, not detract from their efforts. Remember, there is always safety in numbers. Find women allies who are coworkers, colleagues, and supervisors and build strong and supportive female relationships. Attend women’s conferences, join or create women’s networks, and keep reading about all the amazing women leaders taking center stage in our country.

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