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Don't Go Crazy at Macy's

Anna, age 73 in Don’t Forget Your Sweater, Girl advises older women not to go crazy at the Macy’s make-up counters which in retrospect is pretty good advice. While it’s important for women of any age to moisturize their skin, she cautions women to be careful with how much they spend on products that claim miracles. As a former beauty consultant, Anna suggests rather, that women pay an expert, someone who knows what they are doing to show how to contour your face and teach make-up strategies that enhance your best features.

If you go to and type in “anti-aging” over 670 shopping options pop up — and that’s at Sephora alone. Anti-aging products are everywhere, and they all claim to be the next best thing for erasing (or preventing) fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. By the year 2021, the anti-aging beauty category is estimated to gross over $330 billion globally, with a vast range of products in the category, including serums, tools, masks, and oils. (adapted from

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