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Judge a Book by its Cover

DON’T FORGET YOUR SWEATER, GIRL As a child I remember my mother always nagging me to bring my sweater or jacket with me whenever I left the house. Or if out in public she would say, “Put your sweater on, don’t you think I know when you’re cold?” More often than not I would leave it somewhere in my travels and have to confess days later that my pink sweater was either hanging over some boxes in Bobby Roser’s garage or left somewhere on the school bus. Unfortunately, as a mother myself I would repeat that mantra for my own kid but since I am a Type A personality I always knew where that jacket got left.

Now approaching 70 years old I don’t leave home without it… my sweater that is. You never know when you’ll end up sitting in a cold restaurant, movie theater or just plain spike a cold spell all of your own. To be quite honest, ever since turning 70 I’m cold most of the time, even though I live in California. The worst part of having to remember to bring a sweater with me when I leave the house is to leave that sweater behind. Too often, I take my sweater off, especially if seated at a restaurant in the sun, and hang it on the back of my chair because now, “I’m too hot!” Then one glass of wine and it’s all over. My sweater is left behind not to be remembered for days. As a result of losing too many sweaters over the years my husband came up with a new slogan for our toolbox. It’s called LOOK BACK. Whenever we are stationary, even for just a second and especially if seated, we pledge to say to one another, “Look Back” and invariably we spot sunglasses, jackets, iPhones, AND sweaters.

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