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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

WHAT IS YOUR STRUGGLE? We are reaching out to all women to say, Hang in there! We believe better days are ahead for us in 2021. We know most of us have been hanging on by a thread. Women have been affected more than men by the social and economic effects of this Pandemic. Just look over your shoulder. Ask yourself if you are a mom; Who made Christmas the best possible for your family during these challenging times? Yes, that was you!

And ask yourself, who bore the brunt of care responsibilities as schools closed and family members fell ill? That was us!

We are also at greater risk of domestic violence, exhaustion, and alcohol abuse. Because

women are more likely than men to have fewer hours of employed work, we have been more affected by job losses in times of economic instability. This has not been an easy year for anyone; especially women.

Many women are essential workers in health care, childcare, retail…and the majority are Black and Brown women. Women are bearing a heavy burden. As essential workers, women are more in jeopardy of contracting COVID-19 having to work every day in hazardous conditions. Also, some of those jobs have disappeared. Women have a higher rate of unemployment during the pandemic. Whatever the economic condition of women before the pandemic, it’s even worse now.

So we urge you to hang in there. Reach out for your inner confidence and power to

BE YOUR BEST SELF ON A GOOD DAY. We know the struggle is real. For women everywhere, continue to reach out and support a sister during these challenging times. Better days are ahead.

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